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The City of Carrollton Fire Department offers full time employment to Firefighters along with impressive benefits. The work hours are, 24 hours on duty followed by 48 hours off duty.

The Departments benefit package includes 4 paid holidays, 2 paid vacation days for the first year of service, 4 paid vacation days for the 2nd through 10th year of service and 5 paid vacation days after 10 years of service. (each holiday and/or vacation day is a 24 hour shift) Employees are vested in the City's paid retirement plan after 10 years service and are eligible for enrollment in the State of Georgia Firefighters Pension Fund.

Other benefits include health/hospitalization, and dental insurance, payroll retirement plans, employee assistance programs and Department issued uniforms and equipment.

Starting salaries for both State of Georgia Certified Firefighters and non-certified recruits are above average for the West Georgia area and are competitive with other Departments in the State.

Firefighters and recruits from the Carrollton Fire Department attend firefighting courses at the Georgia Fire Academy and from the Departments training division. All expenses are paid for personnel attending approved basic, advanced and/or specialized courses at the State of Georgia Public Safety Training Center. While the Department is very proud of it's excellent departmental training program, it also encourages further development through advanced training and formal education. After 12 months service, Employees may pursue a related area of education at the State University of West Georgia College. The City will reimburse tuition and book fees in accordance to the grade earned for 5 hours per quarter.

The Carrollton Fire Department does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin, religion, age or disability, in employment or the provision of services.

Applications are taken in person at the Fire Chief's Office. Applications remain active for 3 months and remain on file for 12 months. Applicants must be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or GED and DD214, if applicable, and must possess a valid drivers license.

Firefighters are charged with the responsibilities of mitigating a variety of emergency and non-emergency situations where life, property, or the environment is at risk. Firefighters may be required to work under extremely harsh environmental conditions requiring them to wear cumbersome protective clothing and equipment while performing strenuous physical activities. They may be called upon to mitigate dangerous chemical spills or leaks. While performing or participating in these operations, Firefighters may be required to make decisions that could have serious consequences to life and property.

All applicants must be in good physical and mental condition,as determined by a medical examination and physical agility test. Applicantsmust be of good moral character.  O.C.G.A. 25-4-8 (A) (3) requires that any person certified as a Firefighter must be of good moral character as determined by an investigation. This is accomplished by an investigation of the criminal history of the candidate to verify that there is no recent pattern or convictions of crimes involving stealing, cheating, lying, or some other cause that may indicate less than good moral character.

Prior to employment, a thorough back ground check along with avoice stress analysis test and/or a polygraph test will be given. The applicant must sign a personal history release to authorize the disclosure of all records concerning the applicant to the City of Carrollton Fire Department and Georgia Firefighters Standards and Training Council. Applicants can not have a felony conviction record during the past ten years in any jurisdiction. Fingerprint records and background investigations will be completed on the local, state and federal levels by the Carrollton Police Department, Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the Federal Bureau of investigation to disclose any criminal records. A drug screen test will be conducted by urinalysis and/or blood tests. A physical agility test is required, as described below, prior to employment.

Upon employment, Firefighters must complete the Georgia Basic Firefighter Training Course at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center. The training consists of an 8-week 340 hour course that reflects the new NFPA 1001 standard. At the conclusion of this training, the candidate must pass a series of written and practical tests to become a certified Firefighter.

The Georgia Certified Firefighters Agility Test

The following series of tasks comprise the approved physical agility test as specified in OCGA 25-4-8(a)(5).  Each of the six tasks must be completed in seven minutes or less.


  1. Stair Climb
    The candidate, given a 50-foot section of 1-1/2 or 1-3/4 inch diameter hose and a multi-story structure, shall carry the hose section up one flight of stairs to the second floor and then return to the starting point with the hose.  This exercise simulates the fire ground operation of carrying a section of fire hose to and from an upper level of a structure.
  2. Ventilation Exercise
    Given a fire department axe and standing on level ground with a target(such as a wooden pallet) placed on the ground in front of them, the candidate must strike the target with the axe 20 times.  The axe must be brought completely over the shoulder to simulate a chopping motion as if cutting a ventilation hole.  This exercise simulates the fire ground operation of cutting a ventilation hole using an axe.
  3. Ladder Exercise
    The candidate, given a 24-foot aluminum extension ladder in a securely supported vertical position, must extend the fly section of the ladder to the top rung.  The candidate must then lower the fly section in a controlled fashion to the starting position.  This exercise simulates the fire ground operation of extending and lowering the fly section of a ground ladder as to reach an upper story of a structure.
  4. Hose Advance
    The candidate, given a charged (75 PSI nozzle pressure) 100-foot 1-1/2 or 1-3/4 inch hose line, shall pick-up the nozzle and advance the pressurized hose line for a distance of 50 feet.  After reaching the destination, the candidate shall lay the hose on the ground.  This exercise simulates the fire ground operation of advancing a charged hose line to a fire.
  5. Rescue Drag
    The candidate, given a 165-pound dummy on a level paved surface, shall drag the dummy a distance of 50 feet.  This exercise simulates the fire ground operation of an emergency removal from a hazardous area of a team member or victim who may be rendered incapacitated.
  6. Ladder Removal/Replacement
    The candidate, given a 14-foot roof ladder placed in a horizontal position at a height of 5 feet and with the ladder rungs in a vertical position, shall lift the ladder from it's support and place it on the ground then pick it up and return it to it's original position.  This exercise simulates the fire ground operation of removing from and replacing a ladder on its mounting bracket on the fire apparatus


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